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Learn DXP

DXP - Digital Experience Platform is a technology used to streamline the content creation , management and delivery.

It is a natural evolution of CMS - Content Management System.

It enables publishing the content into multiple channels (web, mobile, digital signage, AR/VR, etc.).

Also it integrates with e-commerce and marketing related software.

DXP also has advanced analytics and personalization capabilities.

Types of DXP

  1. Traditional DXP

  2. Composable DXP

Traditional DXP

It is a platform DXP and in another word it is all-in-one integrated digital experience solution.

It is a singular architecture where all the functionalities are tightly coupled in one service or tools.

In Sitecore - Traditional DXP is a combination of XM +XP.

Value of Traditional DXP

  1. Centralization

  2. Reduce integration needs

  3. Flexi deployment

  4. Headless option

  5. Extensibility

Composable DXP

In Composable DXP you can pick and choose your feature based on your business needs.

This is also called as PBC's - Packaged-Business-Capability.

PBC's also called as platform is broken into single /interchangeable products.

PBC's is not a Sitecore based , so we can able to go with Sitecore plus other vendors features also.

Value of Composable DXP

  1. Extensive Configuration

  2. Low total cost for ownership

  3. Flexible Deployment

  4. Faster Development cycle

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